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On the morning of the local country fair, Johnny 'Rooster' Byron is a wanted man.  The council want to serve him an eviction notice, his young son wants to go to the fair, a father wants to give him a serious kicking, and a motley crew of mates wants his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.

Jerusalem premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2009, starring Mark Rylance in a highly-acclaimed performance as Rooster.  The play (with substantially the same cast) was revived in 2022.

Cast (approximately 14 characters):

Johnny "Rooster" Byron – opinionated, eccentric, ex-daredevil and teller of fantastically improbable stories, and living in a caravan in the local woods. 

Ginger – underdog of the group, he is older than the others who hang around with Johnny, never having grown out of the lifestyle. He aspires to be a DJ.

The Professor – vague and whimsical yet kind, the elderly professor spouts philosophical nothings and unwittingly takes LSD

Davey – young teenage abattoir worker who is best friends with Lee, and visits Rooster regularly for free drugs and alcohol. 

Troy Whitworth – local thug, the same age as Ginger. Troy's stepdaughter goes missing.

Lee – young teenager.  He plans to emigrate to Australia the next day, despite having little money to take with him.

Phaedra – Troy's stepdaughter is seen at the beginning of both Acts One and Two singing the hymn "Jerusalem".

Pea and Tanya – two local girls.

Dawn – Johnny's ex-girlfriend and mother to son Marky. 

Marky – Johnny's six-year-old son.

Wesley – the local pub landlord.

Linda Fawcett and Luke Parsons – council officials.

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