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All My Sons, written in 1946, was Miller's first commercial success, initially running on Broadway for over 300 performances.  Despite its post-war setting, the play has been revived regularly, receiving six professional productions in the UK alone since 2010.

All My Sons is a play about love, deception and greed. Set at the end of the Second World War, this is an American classic. It is also a powerful critique of the American Dream.


This is the story of a family, their neighbours and a country at war. Joe Keller is a successful business man, who made money manufacturing parts for planes. Were they defective? Did he know? This is a play about conscience and conflict. It is also about responsibility and relationships. Kate Keller is waiting for her missing son. Will he come home? Will the family cope with the consequences? This is a powerful play which asks questions about truth, lies, loyalty and loss. 

For those not familiar with the play, a more detailed plot summary can be found here.

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Howard Davies' 2010 production starring David Suchet and Zoe Wanamaker can be seen online at Digital Theatre.