Upcoming Shows

Open air Shakespeare returns to Dartington with the sparkling comedy As You Like It.  The play has been carefully abridged to be accessible to modern audiences, with original music and songs.  We'll be performing in a new out-door space at Aller Park, as well as giving 3 shows (including a matinee) in Totnes.  Bring a chair, a rug and perhaps a picnic!  Ticket information and updates will be posted here soon...

Performance dates:

6th - 9th July:  Aller Park, Dartington Hall (7 pm)

10th July:  St Mary's Church, Totnes (2.30 pm)

15th - 16th July:  Follaton House garden, Totnes (7 pm)

"What think you of falling in love?"

Duke Senior, father of Rosalind, has been usurped by his younger brother and banished to the Forest of Arden “...and there they live like the old Robin Hood of England”.  Quite soon Rosalind, with her cousin Celia and the court Fool Touchstone, is forced to join him.  This is an inhabited forest of uncertain location, and a place of transformations, as Rosalind, disguised as a man, teaches the overly romantic Orlando the realities of a loving relationship.     Romance blossoms everywhere, often comically,  and the play concludes with the ultimate happy ending:  four marriages and a Greek God.

"Oh wonderful, wonderful and most wonderful wonderful, and after that out of all hooping!"


Playgoers' outdoor Shakespeare productions date back to A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1974.  Most of these large-scale productions were staged in the Private Garden at Dartington Hall, but included other venues, including Totnes Castle.  As You Like It has been performed twice before, most recently in 1999.

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