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All My Sons, written in 1946, was Miller's first commercial success, initially running on Broadway for over 300 performances.  Despite its post-war setting, the play has been revived regularly, receiving six professional productions in the UK alone since 2010.

For those not familiar with the play, a plot summary can be found here.

Read Michael Billington's review of the 2019 Old Vic production here.  

Howard Davies' 2010 production starring David Suchet and Zoe Wanamaker can be seen online at Digital Theatre.


Cover from first play edition, 1946

Auditions will be held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September from 1 pm, in Dartington Village Hall.


Please contact the director, Mike Davies, to express your interest and for further information.

Characters (ages are approximate)

Joe Keller (60-ish).  Head of the Keller family

Kate Keller (50-60), Joe's wife.

Chris Keller (20-30), their son.

Ann Deever (20-30), previously engaged to Chris's brother Larry.

George Deever (30-40), Ann's older brother.

Dr. Jim Bayliss (40-50), a close friend of the family.

Sue Bayliss (40-50), Jim's wife.

Frank Lubey (20-30), married George's former sweetheart Lydia.

Lydia Lubey (20-30) 

Bert, a little boy who lives in the neighborhood.