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Playgoers Society of Dartington Hall

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Welcome to Dartington Playgoers

We've been making theatre in and around Dartington (south Devon) for over 70 years. We are committed to creating the best shows we can and presenting our audiences with dynamic, imaginative and engaging productions.


Until now, we've staged three shows a year in the studio spaces at Dartington Hall, along with a series of rehearsed readings and other theatrical events at venues including the Great Hall, Bogan House and Totnes Library.


We also exist to provide opportunities in acting, directing, technical and front of house management. We are always looking for new people to join us and develop their theatre skills.

However, we could now be without a home at Dartington – at least for the time being – so there will be a new approach to making plays in 2024.  We are planning workshops and “new directors” short productions in the Spring 2024, and we have two plays in the pipeline for next year....

What's coming in 2024

Our most ambitious production for some time is to be Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth, directed by Ceni Wyatt.  This will be (appropriately) an outdoor production, from 19th - 22nd June 2024. 


We had a fantastic turn out of over 40 members and guests at our read-through in January.


Auditions were held he following week, and we're delighted that the play is now fully cast, with rehearsals starting in March.


But we still need technical support, so please contact us if you can offer any backstage help.

More about Jerusalem here...


In November, Patrick Cooper will direct Moliere's Tartuffe, in a lively and fresh version by Roger McGough.  More details will be available soon.

But where...?

We're having to be rather cagey about exactly where we'll be performing in 2024.  There are many uncertainties around our future relationship with the Dartington Trust, and whether or not we'll be able to continue rehearsing and performing on the estate.  So - please come along to our AGM on Sunday 25th February at 2 pm in Dartington Village Hall and help us shape the future!  Non-members welcome.

Unleashed Theatre Company, based at the old cinema in Abbey Road, Torquay, are doing amazing work in community theatre.  They've also helped us out recently by transporting and storing Playgoers' scenery and props as our space at Dartington has been reduced.

The Northcott Theatre, Exeter, is offering a number of theatre workshops in the coming months - covering Shakespeare's comedies, The Importance of Being Earnest, public speaking and stage combat. You can find out more about them here...

Join us...

Our members have some challenging decisions to make in 2024, but we're still enthusiastic about making theatre.  Why not
join Playgoers now?  Your subscription will run through to the end of 2024, and you'll be able to participate in all our activities, including workshops and social events.  Or contact us to be added to our mailing list and be the first to know of our plans...

In a time of change and uncertainty at the Dartington Hall Trust, we felt it would be a good time to document a history of the Playgoers.  Committee member Zoe, with the help of Peter Tysoe, has made a start.  Please read her article here, and if you have any additions, comments or corrections, we'd love to hear from you...

Other theatre events at Dartington

Visit Dartington Arts' website for details of theatre, music and exhibitions.

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