Audition dates for your diary
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Audition dates for your diary

We will update this page on a regular basis with information about auditions for our future productions. We are currently planning auditions for two plays, Journey's End (March) and Mother and Child (February Bogan). More details below...

Journey's End by R C Sherriff. Directed by Leon Winston. 

Auditions to be held on Friday 17th November 3.00pm, Studio 31, Dartington. Other audition dates/times can be organised if necessary.

Actors are to be seen individually by director Leon Winston - to book your space e-mail Kerry: Before auditions, if need be, parts can be talked through with Leon :

Performance dates 20th - 24th March 2018 at Studio 31, Dartington. 

Regarded as the greatest of all English First World War plays. It gives an unflinching vision of what life was like in the trenches in the final stages of WW1.

It all takes place in the cramped space of a dug out less than a hundred yards away from the German front line. The men are preparing for a raid across No Man's Land. The overall atmosphere is of gunfire, mud, terror, friendship and survival.

Total cast is of nine men: 

Stanhope: Young Commanding Officer; war weary, drinks heavily to deaden his nerves. Throws himself fully in to all his duties Age: Early twenties.

Lieutenant Osborne: 2nd in command. Level headed, ex public school teacher. Called ‘uncle’, he has a key role to keep up the morale of the company and support Stanhope. Age: 40s

Raleigh: Straight out of school; fresh, enthusiastic, full of vitality. Same school as Stanhope, who he idolised. Moves from innocence to painful understanding Age: 17years - early twenties

Hibbert: Officer, who can no longer stand the stresses of war. Tries, desperately to get sent away from the Front. Age: 30/40s

Trotter: Officer: friendly, carries out commands. He is part of the humour of the play because he chatters all the time about food. Age 30s/40s

Colonel: In command, gives orders and comes with the decision for the over the top raid to take place Age: 50s

Hardy/Sergeant –Major: Two parts: Hardy is the Commanding officer who at the beginning of the play hands over to Stanhope. The S-M is in charge of enlisted men. A man’s man, burly, used to carrying out the given orders Age: 30s/40s

Mason: servant soldier. Plenty of entrances and exits. He plays a key part for the officers because he is responsible for dishing out the food. Age:20s/30s/40s

English Soldier/German Soldier: The German soldier is captured in the raid and speaks in halting English. Age: 20. 

Mother and Child by Jon Fosse. Directed by Patrick Cooper.


Patrick Cooper is looking for a young male actor, ideally between 18 -25 to play a part in our Bogan production in February. The play is called “Mother and Child “ by Jon Fosse – a Norwegian playwright who’s very famous in continental Europe but not much known here. 

It lasts about an hour and has two parts: - a mother and her grown up son, who she has seen infrequently after choosing a career over motherhood. Full of sub-text and precise analysis of the effects of the past on the present, the play charts their attempts to recreate closeness while confronted by a shared history that simultaneously pulls them together and keeps them apart. It is intense, sometimes funny, and a wonderful opportunity for acting in the intimate space that Bogan provides. We’ll start rehearsing one day a week probably later this October, then more often after Christmas.

Performances dates February 17th -22nd at Bogan House, Totnes

If you are interested, please phone Patrick Cooper on 01803 868328, or email