Audition dates for your diary

Audition dates for your diary

We are currently auditioning for two plays - The Pitmen Painters (full production in Studio 1, Dartington, in November) and Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill (rehearsed reading). Please see below for further information on both pieces.

Auditions for both will be on Sunday 25th August 2-4pm and Tuesday 27th August 7.30-9.30pm

The Pitmen Painters by Lee Hall

A play about life, art and learning

Performance dates Wednesday 20 - Saturday 23 November

Studio 1, Dartington

Auditions will be held in Dartington Village Hall (main room)

If you wish to attend please contact Jules Harper:

About the Play

This funny, feel-good and spirited play is based on the true story of the mining men who became acclaimed artists. In 1934, a group of Northumbrian miners from Ashington hired a Master of Painting to teach an Art Appreciation evening class. The pitmen became painters. Their work was celebrated by the British art world and its collectors. By day they worked in the mine. By night they painted on canvas. Lee Hall's play follows their lives, their art and their learning.

The Characters
GEORGE BROWN: 40-60. The oldest and leader of the group - a stickler for details - bossy labour representative. Geordie accent.
OLIVER KILBOURN: mid 30s-40. Thoughtful, becomes the most famous and accomplished of the miners/artists. Geordie accent.
JIMMY FLOYD: 40-60: A regular hard-working bloke, timid, curious and always surprised by life. Geordie accent.
YOUNG LAD: 20’s. Youthful - Eager to find regular work in the mines, and to find out where he fits in. Geordie accent.
HARRY WILSON: 45-60. Not able to work as miner since being gassed in WW1, a dental engineer, a Marxist. Geordie accent.
ROBERT LYON: 40’s-50’s. British painter and Master of painting, upper class, unintentionally self-involved and elitist. English accent.
SUSAN PARKS: 20’s-30’s. An earnest young art student and life model, later in her 30’s. Geordie accent.
HELEN SUTHERLAND: mid 40’s-50’s. Wealthy, cultured, and influential patron of the arts, posh, elegant, well-meaning. English accent.
BEN NICHOLSON: 30-40. (1 scene) a famous young British Artist, helped fund Arts Colony at St. Ives. Although the ages of Ben Nicholson and 'Young Lad'; differ, these parts could potentially be played by the same person.

Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill

Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill. 

Performance date Friday 27 September at Totnes Library

Three old friends and a neighbour. A summer of afternoons in the backyard. Tea and catastrophe. A play with an older all female cast talking about issues that we all might recognise from the past, present and maybe even our future...or maybe not? 

A piece for four women - they are all at least seventy, so a playing age of 50+ (or so)




Mrs Jarrett

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The Pitmen Miners