Audition dates for your diary

Audition dates for your diary

We will update this page on a regular basis with information about auditions for our future productions. 


TREASURE ISLAND - Studio 31, 17 - 21 July 2018. Directed by Richard Clark.

INDIVIDUAL AUDITIONS - Sat April 7th 2.30 - 4.00 and Sun April 8th 10.30 -12.00. To book your space please email Kerry Honnor on

By Robert Lewis Stevenson, in a new adaptation by Richard Clark

Treasure Island is a tale of friendship, betrayal and adventure. The play revolves around the adventures of young Jim Hawkins, who through a series of escapades finds himself aboard the Hispaniola sailing towards a hoard of treasure.

He is befriended by the cunning Long John Silver who attempts to get Jim to hand over Captain Flint’s treasure map. Squire Trelawney, Doctor Livesey and Captain Smollett make up the gentlemen of the party. and among the rest of cast there are several feisty women pirates, the evil Billy Bones and the marooned and cheese loving Ben Gunn. - and a talking parrot. With fights and sea shanties in plenty the play has been adapted for Dartington’s Studio 31 by director Richard Clark.

Male Characters

Jim Hawkins - . The central character in the play. Jim is in his teens. He is eager and enthusiastic, if a bit impulsive and impetuous but he is courageous.

George Merry A strong pirate who thinks himself a leader – He challenges Silver. This role doubles with:

Billy Bones - A cantankerous old seaman he is surly and rude. He is ill and has a fondness for rum.

Israel Hands - The coxswain (on the ship. Hands is out for blood almost from the start he’s a disagreeable character.

Black Dog - A pirate and enemy of Billy Bones. He attacks Bones in a knife fight. This role doubles with:

George Merry A strong pirate who thinks of himself a leader – He challenges Silver.

Jackson - Squire Trelawney’s butler loyal to the Trelawney’s group. He defends the stockade with his musket.

Squire Trelawney - A local Bristol nobleman. He is rather too trusting. He often makes mistakes. He does not get on with Captain Smollett or understand the villainous nature of his crew.

Dr. Livesey - Dr. Livesey is rather out of his depth on this ship. He is simply not charismatic. He is decent and fair-minded.

Captain Smollett - The captain of the Hispaniola. Captain Smollett is savvy and is rightly suspicious of the crew. He is a professional, and displays significant skill as a negotiator.

Long John Silver - Silver is the ringleader of the pirate band. His physical and emotional strength is impressive. He is deceitful and disloyal, yet shows kindness toward He is on a crutch for the whole play.

Blind Pew - An blind beggar pirate. Pew comes across as evil personified. This role doubles with:

Ben Gunn - A pirate marooned on Treasure Island. Ben’s solitude has left him somewhat deranged, he has the appearance of a wild man. Ben’s uncanny imitations of the dead pirate Flint’s voice suggest that he is a kind of a ghost of a pirate.

Female Characters

Anne Boney – A fierce, rough and strongly independent woman who has allegedly beaten a man to death. Dresses as a man. Sees herself as the leader of the women.

Harriet Brown (known as Harry): formerly enlisted as a soldier, short tempered can scream like a banshee. Enjoys a drink. She gets involved in a knife fight with Israel.

Old Josephine known a Jo. A witch-like woman with a strong will, prepared to kill if required. Confronts authority.

Ruth Wall: A good looking but ‘tarty’ girl with a history of thieving and suspected murder.

Nell Jenks: A feisty woman who is more ladylike than the others who has used her charms to attract gullible men then stabs and robs them. Down on her luck as her attractiveness fades.

Hunter Squire: Trelawney’s housemaid, A capable girl in love with Jackson the butler!

Parrot: A puppeteer – with a speaking role as Silver’s Parrot she has to operate the puppet – dressed as a pirate.