Events at a glance:


The Rotherfold Bull

With Dark Stuff Productions

Monday 31st March

7.30pm at DAPA




Starting 24th March

Dartmouth Inn

7.30pm £5


Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

Ariel Centre, KEVICC

April 9th - 12th


Wind In The Willows

by Alan Bennett

Open air at Dartington

June 27th - July 5th


Our next production



If you happen to be driving past the Playstation, searching in vain for a train at the now somewhat ghostly Totnes Station, you may become aware of strange subdued moaning, boards creaking, a sudden gust of cold wind, or even an ectoplasmic manifestation. Worry not. It is the cast and crew of ‘Blithe Spirit’ working hard to do justice to Noel Coward’s wonderfully funny play. Don’t miss it!


The cast:


Mrs Condomine – Gina Carter

Mr Condomine – James Harper

Edith, the maid – Katie Bottoms

Dr Bradman – Gordon Frow

Mrs Bradman – Wendy Franklin

Madame Arcati – Di Goodey

Elvira – Ceni Wyatt



Stage management – Rachel Scholefield with Pete O’Keefe, Roberta Fuller

Costumes – Dolly Marsden

Director – Mavis Jones




'Blithe Spirit'

by Noel Coward, directed by Mavis Jones,

at the Ariel Centre, Totnes

Wednesday April 9th - Saturday 12th April at 7.30 pm.

Matinee at 2.30 pm on Saturday 12th April.



TICKETS from the Tourist Information Centre, Totnes 01803 863168

and The Ariel Centre 01803 869200.

Adults £10 Concs. and students £9





Charles and Ruth  Condomine hold a séance with Madame Arcati in which Elvira, Charles’ first wife, materialises.  Also present are Dr and Mrs Bradman.  No-one (in the cast) can see Elvira  except Charles.  She is hell-bent on getting Charles to join her in the spirit world.  Accidents occur, including one to the maid, Edith.  But it is Ruth who “dies”, not Charles, and the two jealous ghosts squabble until Madame Arcati  finally disembodies them, but she doesn’t get rid of them altogether.




Ceni Wyatt as Elvira - having a smashing time

PROPS Can you help with any of the follow? Rachel needs:

• a chaise longue with a back

• a 1930’s style gramophone/ radiogram, does not need to work

• a wooden tea trolley

• a standard lamp

Contact Rachel - 01803 864315








The Wind in the Willows

by Alan Bennett

directed by Richard Clark

Open air at Dartington

Friday June 27th – Saturday July 5th



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