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Events at a glance:



Summer Production

The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov

7th - 11th July

Studio One

Space at Dartington


Autumn Production

Hard Times

by Charles Dickens

directed by Rich Lea

October 25th - 31st






The Playgoers Society of Dartington Hall are proud to present one of the great plays of world theatre:




Anton Chekhov


directed by

Patrick Cooper



The Seagull is a 'comedy of disappointment': everyone is in love with the wrong person, which is funny, but also increasingly disturbing, and Chekhov holds back from all moral judgement about his characters as a story unfolds that is comic and tragic in about equal measure. One hundred and thirty years after its first production it feels as edgy, fascinating and relevant as ever, with its themes of celebrity, generational rivalry and lost dreams.


A disparate group of people are gathered around the successful actress Irina Arkadina on a visit to her brother's run-down country estate: her celebrity author partner, Trigorin; her son Konstantin, who aspires to be a writer; a local doctor and schoolmaster; and the family of the estate steward, including their daughter Masha, who always wears black because she is 'in mourning for her life'. And then there is Nina, the Seagull of the title: beautiful daughter of deeply conservative parents, who longs to be an actress herself and has offered to act in Konstantin's strange new play, which is to be performed on a makeshift stage in front of the lake....


Written in 1895, The Seagull was the first of Chekhov's major plays, and has been constantly revived ever since.


Come and see it!

“The Seagull” is at Studio 1, The Space, Dartington,

from 7th - 11th July 2015 at 7.30pm

Tickets: £12.00 (£8.00 students/benefits)

Bookings: Dartington Box Office – 01803 847070


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